My Soccer IQ U7-U13

CW3 Jaguars Players and Parents,

We are pleased to announce that we have renewed our relationship with MySoccerIQ to bring our members FREE tactical information that helps young players gain valuable insight and improve their soccer brain. Making good decisions with and without the ball (tactics) is a key element in the player development process.  Knowing how to get the information you need to be successful on the field and Lesson 102 Eyes- Taking Looks is a great place to start. Please sign up and complete that 20 minute lesson .

First time users: How to Register for your FREE account:

The Jaguars have purchased a subscription for all the players in our club. To access your lessons please go to and click on “Members Login” at the top of the page. At the new window you will see a register here link under the username and password boxes. If you are using an iPhone or tablet please switch to desktop mode at the bottom of the page. YOU MUST enter the Club Access Code – Jags1516 during registration to receive your free subscription. Once you have registered go to the “My Account” page to view your 20 Level one and Level two courses and the 2 MySoccerIQ tests ($59 value). Already have an account?  How to sign up with a new Club Access Code.  Login to your account. Go to the My Account tab at the top. Click on the My Profile icon. Click on Other on the left side. Replace you old Club Access Code with your new Club Access Code - Jags1516. Save at the bottom and then go back to the My Account tab to view your 20 Level one and Level two courses and the 2 MySoccerIQ tests ($59 value).

Thank you for your continued support as we constantly strive to improve every Jaguars player by providing the best training possible. MySoccerIQ addresses the mental side of the game and will help the players make better decisions with and without the ball.



Mike Scobie
Director of Coaching
CW3 Jaguars FC


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